This Blog is an “Essential Read” at “Psychology Today”!


Hi everyone, great news.  This blog was recently picked up by Psychology Today (which gets 6 million visitors a month), and already some posts have been selected as “Essential Reads” and risen to “Most Popular” status!

I always get excited when I see how quickly and strongly this blog has resonated with a wide audience. The goal of “QUIET: The Power of Introverts” — the blog, the book, and beyond — is not simply to create a place for us to share ideas, feelings, and experiences, though that’s a huge part of it (and I’ll soon be introducing discussion groups, starting with the QUIET online book club).

The goal is also to change the paradigm of society. Our schools, workplaces, summer camps, parenting practices, religious institutions — you name it, many of them operate in a way that strains the energies, and therefore the talents, of the introverted half of the population.

The more readers we attract, the more power we’ll have to start fixing that.

(P.S. At least as of now, I’m not posting any material on the Psychology Today site that you can’t also find here. I’ll let you know if that changes.)

THANK YOU, readers, for all your support and enthusiasm.  I’m so happy that you’re here.






  1. Joe BW Smith on 22.03.2011 at 13:47 (Reply)

    Great news! You’ve earned the accolades.

  2. Susan Cain on 22.03.2011 at 14:34 (Reply)

    Thank you!

  3. Janet Dickens on 22.03.2011 at 19:21 (Reply)

    Huge congratulations to you, Susan!!! That’s incredibly exciting!!!

  4. Mark on 23.03.2011 at 08:41 (Reply)

    Congratulations, Susan! Well deserved!

  5. Catherine on 24.03.2011 at 15:24 (Reply)

    I’m a bit behind, but I wanted to offer my congratulations! What an honor! Completely deserved, of course, but still, it’s nice to get the recognition.

  6. Danielle Gauthier on 06.05.2011 at 11:17 (Reply)

    Dear Susan:

    Congratulations and most of all, thanks so very much for raising the awareness that introverts are fine just the way they are. Your reassurance comes at a crucial moment in my life. Long live your blog.


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