My Mother’s Lover: Reading Ideas for the Weekend


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Hi everyone.

Here’s a must-read for the weekend:

My Mother’s Lover,” by David Dobbs. It’s the true story of a World War II love affair that Dobbs’ mother kept secret, until she left her kids a puzzle on her deathbed.

This is a short e-book/long story, and you have to buy it via Kindle or Ibooks. Normally I like to recommend free links, but this one is only $2-3, and it was an instant #1 hit on Kindle the day it was published.

If you recognize David Dobbs’ name, that’s because he’s the science writer who published another must-read essay that I recommended a while ago: “The Science of Success,” published in the Atlantic magazine last year. This article revealed a groundbreaking new theory of genetics, positing that most people are born to be as hardy as dandelions, while others are more like orchids: fragile and sensitive, but “capable of blooming spectacularly if given greenhouse care.”  Many shy or introverted children fall into the latter category. It’s fascinating stuff, and Dobbs is expanding it into a book, to be published in another year or two.

I’d love to know whether you enjoy these pieces. If there’s enough interest, perhaps we could invite David to join us for an interview or blog chat.  If that appeals to you, please comment below or send me a note.

Have a terrific weekend!


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  1. Lil GLuckstern on 02.07.2011 at 17:11 (Reply)

    I am really enjoying your posts, and yes, I would enjoy reading more with David Dobbs. I will check out his book, (and yours).

  2. Melissa on 12.07.2011 at 10:58 (Reply)

    I thought David’s article on the Science of Success was one of the most interesting that I have read in years. I would love to have more engagement with him.

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