Really Great Reading Ideas for the Weekend


living rationally 1108 lg Really Great Reading Ideas for the WeekendHi everyone,

Here are this week’s recommendations:

1. The Rationality Project: One Man’s Quest to Ignore His Gut Instinct, by A.J. Jacobs: I defy you to read this without laughing out loud.

2. How I Know I Love My Wife, by Steven Levitt (of Freakonomics fame): I defy you to read/watch this without tearing up.

3. People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks: We’ll be discussing this fantastic book on Wednesday night, for our second meeting of the QUIET Book Club. It’s not too late to dig in!

Let me know if you enjoy these picks! and have a wonderful weekend.

*Thanks to Delia Lloyd of for directing me to Steven Levitt’s talk.

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  1. Laura on 24.09.2011 at 17:54 (Reply)

    My husband just caught me wiping away tears while on the computer. When I explained that it was economist Steven Levitt making me cry, he just laughed incredulously and walked away shaking his head. Now I have to read the A.J. Jacobs so the computer can make me smile.

  2. Valerie on 25.09.2011 at 20:32 (Reply)

    Wow. Steven Levitt is amazing! I had read his books and liked them. Thanks for sharing this!

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