Life is Beautiful, and Other Weekend Music


Hi everyone,

For the holiday weekend, here are three music picks to make you step lightly:

1. Me Gustas Tu, by my long-time favorite Manu Chao. If you’ve never heard of Manu Chao before, you’re going to be really thrilled to discover him.

2.”Life is Beautiful,” by the lovely singer-songwriter Amy Correia.

3. The book trailer for my friend Gretchen Rubin’s book, “The Happiness Project,” has excellent, foot-tapping background music that apparently has no name! But you can listen here.

Have a great weekend! And let me know if you enjoy any of these.



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  2. D. Vasquez on 12.04.2012 at 23:55 (Reply)

    LOVE Amy Correia. Got here through Pinterest. Then had a hey, I’ve seen her before moment. You are right. I might just have to order your book. 😉

  3. jon on 25.04.2012 at 18:45 (Reply)

    where was this picture taken ? does anybody know ????

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