The QUIET Media Blitz Continues…


The QUIET media blitz continues. Here are some of my latest appearances (and a couple of book reviews):

NPR/All Things Considered - Quiet, Please: Unleashing ‘The Power of Introverts’: Audio and a transcript of highlights from my NPR interview.

TechCrunch TV - Keen on… Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts
My interview with TechCruch’s Andrew Keen. This was one of my favorite interviews yet. I am decidedly un-techie, but I love the way tech people like Andrew think and relate to the world.

Office Hours — Audio of my hour-long radio interview with the Great Dan Pink. Dan is extremely smart and charming, and I was ‘specially impressed by the attentiveness he showed to the people who dialed in to ask questions.

Shelf Awareness - Book Review

Tomorrow I’m off to the West Coast, where I’ll be speaking at Microsoft and Google and chatting with various news outlets. Stay tuned!




  1. Christy on 01.02.2012 at 13:46 (Reply)

    A “Quiet Media Blitz.” What a delicious oxymoron. I hope you’re enjoying it, and I hope you have a nice, long time to just collapse and do nothing at all when you’re done.

  2. Christy on 01.02.2012 at 14:48 (Reply)

    I found it interesting that the [extraverted] NPR interviewer said she was slightly offended by some of the book. Have you gotten that from other extraverts?

    1. Susan Cain on 01.02.2012 at 22:25 (Reply)

      So far I really haven’t. I like to think that in the book I made clear my respect for extroverts, and that I’m advocating for a balance between yin and yang as opposed to an overthrow of extroverts!

  3. Robin on 01.02.2012 at 20:38 (Reply)

    Congratulations! It seems like a Quiet Revolution might be starting :)

    Also, your book, articles, and interviews have been making the rounds at my high school!

    And Christy, I was wondering the same thing-what do extroverts think after reading Quiet?

    1. Susan Cain on 01.02.2012 at 22:26 (Reply)

      In your high school? That’s amazing, Robin. Would love to know more about how kids and/or teachers are reacting and what kinds of discussions it might be starting.

      1. Robin on 03.02.2012 at 00:22 (Reply)

        Yes, I will! The response has been very positive. However, most students and teachers haven’t been able to read the book yet because it’s sold out at most of our local bookstores. So in that case, several of my friends and teachers have been keeping up with all your reviews and articles until they can buy a copy. :)

        I think it’s important that teachers read Quiet in order to understand themselves, their co-workers, and especially their students better. I also think it’s helpful for students to read Quiet in order to understand how, as an introvert or extrovert, they best learn!

        Again, congratulations on all the media coverage-and reaching #4 on the NY Times Bestseller list!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ann on 03.02.2012 at 19:30 (Reply)

    Hi thanks for writing the book. I haven’t read it yet, since it’s not available in any bookstores in my country yet. But trust me I will get it. I have for some time now, gathering information’s about introverts, and trying hard to get Extroverts to understand us. Because of the many labels we get, the problems with getting jobs, and so many other problems. I sure hope that extroverts in time will understand it. Also I do not understand how you can cope with all that media, and interviews, there are so many, and I would not be able to put up with that much in such a short time. I am great full that you are doing it, and do understand that it’s the only way to get the extroverts attention, but I am getting mixed signals here. .” The only thing a true introvert dislikes more than talking about himself is repeating himself.)” So how do you cope with that, what is you’r secret ? Thanks for fighting for equal rights, and I sure hope this will make a difference in the long run.

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Quiet: The Book

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Bill Gates names "The Power of Introverts" one of his all-time favorite TED Talks.

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QUIET has been voted the best nonfiction book of 2012


1. There’s a word for “people who are in their heads too much”: thinkers.

2. Our culture rightly admires risk-takers, but we need our “heed-takers” more than ever.

3. Solitude is a catalyst for innovation.

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