The QUIET Book Tour Continues…


Hi everyone,

Here’s the latest news from the QUIET book tour, which continues at its whirlwind pace!

1. QUIET has been on the New York Times bestseller list ever since it debuted in late January.

2. Chris Anderson, the owner of TED, recently tweeted that my TED talk ”smashed” all of TED’s previous records for number of views in first week of posting — currently over 1.3 million views since the talk went live on March 2.

3. British readers! Tomorrow I’m headed to the United Kingdom, and would love to meet you. Please check my Events page for live events and TV/radio appearances.

4. American readers, the tour will continue in the U.S. in April. Please check back soon for upcoming appearances.

5. Here are a bunch of recent TV, radio, and print interviews with me, and mentions of QUIET:

CNN - Introverts Run the World — Quietly

The New York Times - In New Office Designs, Room to Roam and to Think

The Asian Age - Why Introverts are Quiet Winners

CTV News - Interview: Loud Society Fails to Capitalize on Introverts

MSNBC - Video interview on The Dylan Ratigan Show

WNYC - Audio Interview on The Leonard Lopate Show

Vancouver Sun - Hate Networking?  Introvert Business Leaders as Good or Better than Extroverts

Knoxville News Sentinel - Introverts Living in an Extrovert’s World - Audio Interview / Podcast

The Introvert Entrepreneur - Audio Interview / Podcast - How to Set Boundaries with People you Love - Lessons from Dad and Jeremy Lin

The Atlantic - How TED Makes Ideas Smaller

The Journal Times - In What Light There Is: The Power of QUIET

Cosmic Log on - Deep Thinkers Take Center Stage

Cool Hunting - Link About It:  This Week’s Picks

The Guardian - TED 2012: The Final Countdown

Boing Boing - TED 2012: Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts

Wired News - TED and Meta TED: On Scene Musings from the Wonderdome

The Bellingham Herald - Quiet Power: Introverts Can Capitalize on Their Inner Strengths and Feel Good About It - Sshh Branding: The Quiet Revolution - Why the World Needs to Start Embracing Introverts

THANK YOU for your support and interest.

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Related posts:

  1. The QUIET Media Blitz Continues…
  2. The Quiet Book Club is Here — Please Vote For Your First Book Selection!
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  1. Rich Day on 21.03.2012 at 15:00 (Reply)

    I really enjoyed your book, quiet, where you have helped many thousands of people understand themselves and their gifts. But its been at those moments where you did what must have come hard for you, speaking in public, where you became my hero. To believe in something so much to be willing to have the courage to do the very thing you find so difficult is heroic. I watched the TED broadcast…and can tell you I probably would have chickened out. You came across clearly, and with an element of honest vulnerability that only served to connect with people like me even more. Most people don’t want to be called a hero, but sorry, you are my hero!

  2. TED | Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts | VIA on 21.03.2012 at 22:50

    [...] Book, the Website, the Press, and the TED [...]

  3. Darren on 22.03.2012 at 03:12 (Reply)

    As one of your British readers I’d like to say how pleased I am that you are visiting! I won’t be able to get to the live events unfortunately, but I wish you well and hope that you have a great visit. I will try to catch one of the radio interviews.

  4. Monica on 22.03.2012 at 14:22 (Reply)

    Just started reading (and enjoying) the book yesterday after waiting more than a month for it to be available at the library. May you enjoy all of the success that comes your way.

  5. Steve Schneider on 23.03.2012 at 16:50 (Reply)

    A friend of mine for forty years recently passed away. Everyone who knew him described him as a “quiet man.” I don’t think that necessarily means he was an introvert, but he definitely was more a listener than a talker. Do you know of any poetry which praises the virtue of being a quiet person?

  6. Tomasz Zaborowski on 24.03.2012 at 12:48 (Reply)

    It was an experience that I would describe as long awaited revelation. Your soft speech about being an introvert even though not entirely original, has made a great impression on me and somehow it sorted out quite a few questions about my own life.
    Above all it helped me to summon enough courage to stop trying to be bold and expansive.
    As I reflect on my past actions I can see, that I always tried to suppress my quiet side and be more outgoing. Maybe it was because of the kind of books I read. But the truth is that although I tried really hard I have never forsaken the introvert inside me. I even learned to appreciate it, but it never occurred to me, that I should embrace it. And for that I wanted to thank You.

  7. Judy Rogers on 26.03.2012 at 09:11 (Reply)

    I just started your book Quiet. I find it fascinating and logical the evolution of the extrovert ideal. Mostly, though i feel liberated. I use to think I was agoraphobic but that didnt really fit. Then maybe on the spectrum. Now I feel peaceful in the knowledge that I’m an introvert! No apologies! Thanks!

  8. Elaine Brett on 27.03.2012 at 08:28 (Reply)

    Really enjoyed your interview with Pat Kenny this Morning. It is wonderful to hear someone speak positively about being an introvert. I look forward to reading your book.

  9. Veronica on 27.03.2012 at 16:05 (Reply)

    First of all i wanted to thank You, even though You probably heard it like thousands of time. I’m also a law student and i was just doing my project on comparative law,when I decided to watch something at and of course there are many of profound, smart, and serious speeches but yours was just truly overwhelming (in good sense)! I was amazed and grateful that you have thrown the light on such a supposedly easy case. I learned a lot from that video, and i want to congratulate You the book! I hope it will be soon available in different languages (especially in Polish). Your idea spreads to the world! You can be proud of yourself. Best regards, Veronica :)

  10. Privilege of Parenting on 27.03.2012 at 22:57 (Reply)

    I’m declaring you my virtual mentor, and I’m going to take your quiet response to be all the affirmation you have time to give and that I, ultimately, need. Here’s to quietly making the world a better place for all of us and all our collective children.

  11. Adrian Lucas on 28.03.2012 at 04:50 (Reply)

    Just heard your BBC Radio 4 interview and had to write to say how much it struck chords with me in so many areas that I’ve observed in life. A revelation. It was a great interview. I hope you have an enjoyable time here in the UK; I’m sure it will be a great success.

  12. Jane Calderon on 29.03.2012 at 14:08 (Reply)

    Hi, Susan! I’m so happy to hear you are doing so great! Looking forward to April and to see what is next for your book tour. Just FYI, the L.A. Times Book Festival is taking place at USC on April 21-22, so think you might want to come to that? :)

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