My Inspiration Interview with Brené Brown

brene My Inspiration Interview with Brené Brown
Here’s my interview with the great and good Brené Brown.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Poet Laundry on 02.06.2012 at 21:11 (Reply)

    Enjoyable interview and fantastic book! Thanks for writing it Susan, it’s been an inspiration to me. I recommend it often-to introverts and extroverts alike!

  2. Julia on 06.06.2012 at 16:00 (Reply)

    Snarky women who look at themselves with love and honesty and then bring them into their relationships with other AND teach others how to do it for themselves: well, I am just so grateful for the courage in both your paths’. Thank you, thank you. We’ve got to stay commited to each other and these messages, and these blogs and interviews are exactly how we do that.

  3. Rich Day on 10.06.2012 at 12:38 (Reply)

    I read “Quiet” some time ago now, and have followed the conversations stirred up by in. There is something significant happening here. What I am seeing in the comments from countless people is either the birth of or the growth of confidence. Quiet confidence. The confidence that feels like being comfortable in one’s own skin. In terms of our ability to contribute to our world it seems it’s not just about what we are born with as a temperment, be it extrovert or introvert, but much more than that, the attitudes we have formed about our nature. There are just a whole lot of people out there, who are beginning to get a feel for their abilities and their roles. People who are no longer feeling, “I can’t because I am not outgoing” to beginning to see, “I can because I KNOW who I am and what I have to offer. Susan has taken the worlds largest paint brush and painted the land with confidence! Can you just imagine the countless personal stories of change coming out of it?

  4. Christy on 15.06.2012 at 11:43 (Reply)

    I shall look forward to reading this. I’ve been missing your posts.
    Also missing them for a different reason: I have stopped receiving notifications about them. I just tried signing up for the notifications again, and it gave me an error message because my email address was already in the system.

    1. Susan Cain on 24.06.2012 at 21:22 (Reply)

      I’ve been missing them too! I’ve been on a kind of hiatus from blogging because have found it impossible and overwhelming to keep up along with book publicity, etc. But I appreciate you staying tuned and hope to start it back up again soon. Thank you Christy!

  5. Christy on 15.06.2012 at 11:49 (Reply)

    I very much liked how this interview asked entirely different questions than the usual “Tell me what introversion is and why you wrote your book” questions. It was lovely.

  6. Dina Zaman on 16.06.2012 at 02:33 (Reply)

    Thank you for writing this book. What a pity that at the age of 43 I can now say to the world, this is me, stuff it, you and group whatever’s! I always had serious guilt when I bailed out on company drinks, events etc, and I think my need for solitude harmed my career somewhat. I write for a living and everyone expects me to be gregarious. Thank you again for making me realize I am NORMAL. The interview’s lovely and very warm. Good luck Susan, may life be quietly fabulous!

  7. quiet one on 17.06.2012 at 11:12 (Reply)

    I really enjoyed your TED talk. It was all the more powerful, knowing you spoke as an introvert on such a public stage. Thanks for speaking up and speaking out!

  8. Gord Harris on 19.06.2012 at 21:44 (Reply)

    Susan I just wanted to thank you for a beautiful, beautiful book. Both beginning and end moved me deeply and like others I feel so understood and privileged to hear your warm tone and read your very wise words. Talk about recognizing myself.. I really do feel validated and more quietly confident for reading it. Your TED talk is great too. Keep on writing please! We need your very timely message to drown out all the noise at work and in our crazy western lives. Bless you Susan.


    PS one of my favorite books of all time in case you have not read it: Ursula K. Le Guin’s version of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching which touches on many of your themes about the Asian way of being that resonates with some of us introverts.

  9. Shawn Tuttle on 19.06.2012 at 22:48 (Reply)

    Hi Susan, This is my first time to your website. I’m so grateful you’ve managed to throw introversion into the spotlight and give voice to sooooo many unspoken feelings. And love the quote from Proust in your interview with Brene on same subject. Hope to cross paths at WDS. XO Shawn

  10. Emily Bailey on 26.06.2012 at 18:37 (Reply)

    The book has been recommended to me and I look forward to reading it.

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