Do You Want to Join the Quiet Revolution?

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Remember when I said I was launching a Quiet Revolution? My startup is in full swing, and we’ve got a number of interesting jobs we’re looking to fill as we prepare the groundwork for our launch. Here’s one! Please send your cover letter and resume to jobs (at)



Screen Shot 2014 09 05 at 11.15.17 AM Do You Want to Join the Quiet Revolution?

Digital Editorial Content Manager

Are you a detail-oriented digital native who knows the blogging world like the back of your hand? We’re looking for you!

About Us:

We are an exciting, ambitious, venture-funded, mission-based start-up, ready to put you to work tomorrow!

Here’s why: Three years ago Susan Cain (hi!) wrote a landmark book called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. The book instantly found an enormous global audience (in 35 languages, no less!) and became a runaway bestseller, breaking records right and left to become the fourth most sold book in the world during the 2013 calendar year.

Susan’s subsequent TED Talk went viral, and is now one of the most viewed ever.

We are launching a company to continue to reach introverts and the extraverts who love, raise, teach and work with them. Along the way, we hope to make the world a gentler place to thrive in;)

As part of our mission, we are preparing to launch an ambitious website that will play host to a large tribe of writers. As such, we’re looking for a versatile digital mind with an extreme eye for details to serve as an editorial content manager for our large team of writers.

About You:

  • You’re a Quiet Revolutionary. You’ve read the book, love the message, and have your own vision for how it can change the world. (And remember — we’re an equal opportunity employer — extraverts and introverts can both be Quiet Revolutionaries, as our extraverted co-founder proves!)
  • You’re a card-carrying digital reader and writer. Books love you and you love them, but reading online is what you’ve gotten really good at in the new millennium;)
  • You know bloggers, blogging, and online journalism. You “get” the current blogging landscape, and are connected to this world, having lived and breathed it. Maybe you’ve worked at Gawker, or CafeMom, or Babble, or Your Tango, or Huffington Post… (the list goes on…). You know your way around the space, and how to push back and dig in with others who know it well.
  • You already have writers in mind that you think would be able to create great content in the fields of parenting, work, lifestyle that relate to the concepts espoused in the book, Quiet. More than that, you are passionate about helping them craft within our style.
  • The idea of user-generated content excites you, and you look forward to encouraging users to create and publish the best of their best.
  • You understand the ins and outs of the blog creation process, likely having worked for a large site (see above!), and having started a blog or two of your own. (Even if you’re not a tech person, you know how to talk to tech people).
  • You feel comfortable managing large teams of people, and can lasso like the best of them;)
  • You are excited to plan, assign, and wade through large amounts of content, always looking to help writers turn in their best work. (Even if you aren’t a copy-editor, you like to be all up in the details.)
  • Speaking of details, you have an eye for them! Even if copy-editing isn’t your main job, you know your way around a grammar textbook and pride yourself on error-free work.
  • You love the written word, and could spend a week (or a year) writing the next great American novel (or killer self-help book). Every day, you make words shine. (Even if they only live in your Moleskine.)
  • You will excel at developing powerful annual, seasonal, and monthly editorial calendars that take into account the strengths of current writers.
  • You believe social media marketing is a part of every online writer’s arsenal, and you know it well.
  • You will thrive on managing the daily communications on all the nitty-gritty regarding blog posts, social media shares, scheduling, deadlines, traffic goals, payment, bonuses, etc.
  • You know your way around brands that work with bloggers and how sponsored content campaigns work. Maybe you’ve even sold a few in your day;)
  • You have experience with online advertising on Google, Facebook, etc.
  • You know your way around newsletter marketing, and think Constant Contact is so 1999.
  • You ideally live in and around NYC, but if not can certainly work on an ET time zone (USA) and can accommodate occasional travel.

Is this you?

Come join a small, fun, ambitious group of professionals today and apply.

Send your cover letter and resume to jobs (at)

P.S. We have cupcakes.

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  1. Adam Read on 23.12.2014 at 16:32 (Reply)

    Hi Susan,

    As an added challenge to being an introvert, I have also had to realize the danger of leaning towards extremism. So, even though I understand the need for valuing introverts, I am also very cautious about jumping on any bandwagon. In the case of the Quiet Revolution, I have two things that I would like to discuss:

    1. The tendency towards painting introverts as superior to anyone else.
    2. The most important thing to remember when starting a “revolution” seems to be knowing when to stop revolving…or going in circles. If we are not careful, we may find ourselves making so many 180 degree turns in our ideology that we end up chasing our tails and going around in circles.

    So, I guess I’m curious if it is okay to respectfully bring these issues to the table or if this is considered being contrary to the party line.



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