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Topic: Humor: Poster boy nominations (just for fun)
Red Dog
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Humor: Poster boy nominations (just for fun)
on: Mar 1, 2012, 4:20am

I have a sharp wit as well as a sometimes sharp tongue and the book got me to thinking (doesn't all trouble start with thinking? <LOL>)… Anyway, the book made me ponder extremes in temperament and by extension, bring to mind personalities in the public sphere who might represent either extreme of introversion or extroversion. The chapter on Tony Robbins seemed to make him an obvious candidate as poster boy representing extroversion. Donald Trump (who seemingly can never shut up) also comes to mind.

But what about the exemplars of introversion? (I have my own favorite quintessential introvert to nominate but I'll refrain from mentioning him for now.) It might be a fun topic to hear other nominations for each category.

Wanted, celebrated persons dead or alive, as nominees to be your favorite poster boys and gals. icon smile Forum

Maybe we could give awards for it: the "blabbermouth" (Ralph Kramden memorial) award and the "silence is golden" award, perhaps? <LOL>

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Re: Humor: Poster boy nominations (just for fun)
on: Apr 17, 2012, 7:53am

Extrovert : Peter Andre – Terrible Australian "singer".

Introvert : Stephen Hawkins – Obvious reasons, genius.

You didn't say they had to be a good poster boy….

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