QUIET, the One-Minute Movie, is Here!


cinema 00 QUIET, the One Minute Movie, is Here!
Here’s the link; let me know what you think!

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  1. Brittany on 13.12.2011 at 18:27 (Reply)

    Woot woot, good job Susan!! You’re changing the world! Enjoyed seeing you on camera and watching your trailer. I’m excited for you and all those who you are going to empower with your book!

  2. Robin on 13.12.2011 at 19:54 (Reply)

    It looks awesome! Congratulations.

  3. Barb Markway on 13.12.2011 at 21:13 (Reply)

    I love it!

    I’m just curious, when I am doing something before a camera or an audience, I have to force myself to be more animated than I would ordinarily be. If I feel like I’m acting “hyper” then I end up looking “normal.” Otherwise, I look kind of flat. Is your presentation in the movie how you usually are? (It looked very natural.) Did you have to practice much?

    I’ve got my book on pre-order and can’t wait!


  4. Phil Holmes on 13.12.2011 at 21:22 (Reply)

    I’ve just returned a few minutes ago from a two-day trip to my company’s headquarters, and my head is ringing from airplanes, taxis, city traffic, and face to face meetings in strange buildings. My extraverted manager took me to a workspace for those who usually work at home but need to come downtown on occasion. Picture a large open space with rows of long, blank tables, dotted with phones and internet ports. I thought, “This is hell. Dante would see this place and immediately demand ink, pens, and a lot of paper.”

    Thank you, Susan. What a nice video to see upon my return home.

  5. Mac on 14.12.2011 at 08:58 (Reply)

    Nicely done. Would have enjoyed any length. Hope you do more. Maybe excerpts with differing scenes.

  6. Torsten on 14.12.2011 at 15:03 (Reply)

    A wonderfull film for your great work! The revolution can begin. In germany we can start a little bit earlier :-) . Thank you very much.

  7. Debbie on 15.12.2011 at 07:32 (Reply)

    Good job! It’s wonderful. I got a sense of your own “quiet” spirit there yet you were “out there” just enough to get the message across. I’m with Barb above. Did you find yourself taking it up a notch to appear “normal”? Sometimes that place is hard to find and I feel like I’ve over-compensated. Finding that balance is challenging…

  8. Susan Cain on 15.12.2011 at 13:53 (Reply)

    Thanks everyone! And yes, Barb and Debbie, I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. I think I have a mode I go into when I need to be “on,” so I just went into that mode for the movie. But that’s why stuff like this can be tiring! reminds me of one of my favorite Darwin quotes:

    “Almost every one is extremely nervous when first addressing
    a public assembly, and most men remain so throughout their lives;
    but this appears to depend on the consciousness of a great
    coming exertion, with its associated effects on the system,
    rather than on shyness; although a timid or shy man no
    doubt suffers on such occasions infinitely more than another.”

  9. Lars on 07.01.2012 at 06:57 (Reply)

    White I salute you on the book, I must say I don’t understand why it has to be put into this business-oriented achiever mentality. POWER? Come on.

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