The Power of Quiet Connectors

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Stop “networking” and start searching for kindred spirits! Robyn Scott, owner of a company called “Intros” and author of “The Power of Quiet Connectors“, says that the best connectors are private, modest, and low-key.

Enjoy this excerpt from Robyn’s article — then click through at the end to read more.

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Susan Cain

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Susan Cain
“We (Robyn Scott’s company, Intros) want to help people see the impact of their intros and — in understanding how to be more generous with, and grateful for, intros — to make better connections. We’d expected loud, highly social people to dominate amongst our users. The people you assume connect a lot of people because they seek out, and flourish in, heady networking environments. We were wrong.When we ask our users to name the best connectors they know, again and again, they introduce us to people who are private, modest and low key. These people, who regularly transform others’ careers and businesses through connections, are quiet.”

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“The Power of Quiet Connectors”

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  1. RIch Day on 23.10.2013 at 14:22 (Reply)

    So many good thoughts contained here that I really don’t know where to begin. I have had an internal aversion to the term, “networking”. This may be unfair to the term, but it comes from being unwilling to apply a template of meaning to my relationships based on a quid pro quo. “To view them in this way, “I’m happy to give you in the present THIS, because I may in the future get THAT from you. I do not like the experience of this way of networking. But I am totally on board with linking up with kindred spirits, without any expectations. I have found there is a sweet spot both in business and personally. It is based on mutual goodwill. A goodwill that states, “while I may not always agree with you, while I may at times be wrong, and you may at times be wrong, my stance towards you is this: I am FOR you! If you combine this goodwill with gratitude there is something that happens…the sum becomes more than it’s parts. There is an energy, a creativity, and a productivity that exceeds the sum of the 2 people, and it leads off in a seredipitous path of unforeseen possibilities. I call these people, these kindred spirits, my tribe! They come from every faith, from every political persuation, and really all possible differences, but there is the thread of “my tribe” that courses through. The thread of mutual goodwill and gratitude. It is something akin to “Human fusion”.

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