1. @Lexus' tweet:

  2. The media reacts:

  3. Proud introverts react:

  4. BTW, as of right now, that Lexus tweet has earned 32 retweets and 34 favorites. Twitter users should go retweet and/or favorite that tweet's critical responses (which you can pick out of the list at  https://twitter.com/Lexus/status/380379139280080896 ) to see if we can get them more attention than Lexus's original tweet.
  5. I am an introvert and I DON'T want to change! :O
  6. Yeah I'd drive around in that car - by myself. Sipping coffee. Listening to my non-fiction audio books. Get it? I don't know about you guys, but I think I turn any vehicle I drive into an Introvertmobile in a hot second, pretty much the moment my butt hits the seat.
  7. If you aren´t extrovert, they think there is something wrong with you! I am so sick of it!!
  8. An automobile isn't an extension of my personality, nor do I need one to express who I truly am as a living, breathing human being. A car has a purpose to provide transportation and allow me to do certain things. Why on earth would I allow something mechanical to change what is truly organic and already wonderful.........the lil introvert known as me :) Sorry Lexus you got this all wrong if you thought that we would buy your car so we would change into something we really have no desire to be!
  9. wow. really? really! So if I buy a Lexus I'll suddenly not be me? Somehow I'll be better? Because being an introvert is a bad or unwanted thing? I'm insulted. Now I'll never buy a Lexus. I'll just keep my Mazda. :o)
  10. The "Extrovert Ideal" still hard at work I see... *le sigh* -_-
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