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Dear @Lexus, you owe introverts an apology



The Introvert Brand

Devoted as I am to the QUIET Revolution, I must admit that sometimes it is really weird to be constantly seen through the lens of introversion. Wherever I go now, that is the first thing people think about me: Here comes the introvert! Adam McHugh, author of Introverts in the Church, went through a similar […]


The Rise of the New Groupthink

  I just published a new New York Times piece on the “Rise of  the New Groupthink” (currently the #1 most emailed article!) — arguing that collaboration is in, but is not always conducive to creativity. What do you think? Please discuss here! (The accompanying artwork was done by Andy Rementer at the Times, and […]


Are Some of the Best Doctors Cerebral Introverts?

Hi everyone, happy new year! Today’s post is very personal, but it has a larger point too. My father was a gastroenterologist and medical school professor in New York City. Every day he would take care of his patients, come home and have dinner with the family, and then, after the rest of us had […]


Silence is Golden (courtesy of Maureen Dowd)

  “Nothing has changed the nature of man so much as the loss of silence.” The Swiss philosopher Max Picard said that, and New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd repeated it yesterday in a much-discussed column on the power of silence. She also shares this quote, which I love, from Michel Haznavicius, the director of […]


Question of the Week: What Kind of Happy Are You?

Before you read on, please take this poll: This question is prompted by a line of research suggesting that introverts, as a group, are not as happy as extroverts. Here is John Zelenski of the Carleton University Happiness Lab, describing some of the data. As a person with a pretty high baseline level of happiness, […]


Want to Help Me Create a Protocol for How and When to Collaborate, How and When to Work Alone?

Well, that’s a mouthful of a blogpost title, but let me explain. Recently, I ran a couple of posts asking for your views on group-work and collaboration. You responded with great passion, and great ideas. Then, last week, I gave a couple of speeches on introversion, one to a business audience and another to a […]

Quiet: The Book

- Wall Street Journal

Bill Gates names "The Power of Introverts" one of his all-time favorite TED Talks.

Best Nonfiction Book of 2012

QUIET has been voted the best nonfiction book of 2012


1. There’s a word for “people who are in their heads too much”: thinkers.

2. Our culture rightly admires risk-takers, but we need our “heed-takers” more than ever.

3. Solitude is a catalyst for innovation.

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