For more about introversion in the workplace and religious institutions, you might enjoy:

• Nancy Ancowitz, Self-Promotion for Introverts: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead

• Jennifer Kahnweiler: The Introverted Leader: Building On Your Quiet Strength

• Adam McHugh: Introverts in the Church

• Lisa Petrilli: The Introvert’s Guide to Success and Leadership

For more about shy or introverted children, I recommend:

• Bernardo Carducci: Shyness: A Bold New Approach

• David Dobbs: “The Science of Success” – this is a MUST-READ 2009 article on “the orchid hypothesis” from The Atlantic magazine. Dobbs has a book on the subject coming out next year.

• Natalie Madorsky Elman and Eileen Kennedy-Moore: The Unwritten Rules of Friendship

• Barbara Markway and Gregory Markway: Nurturing the Shy Child

• Kenneth Rubin: The Friendship Factor

• Ward Swallow: The Shy Child: Helping Children Triumph Over Shyness

For more about sensitivity, you can’t do better than read the works of Elaine Aron and Jerome Kagan. Try:

• Elaine Aron,  The Highly Sensitive Person

• Elaine Aron, Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person

• Elaine Aron, “Sensory-Processing Sensitivity and its Relation to Introversion and Emotionaly,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 3, no. 2 (1997): 345-68.

• Jerome Kagan, Galen’s Prophecy (a seminal text by developmental psychologist Jerome Kagan).


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