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Topic: Where can one go to Introvert Land?
Ruth Collis
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Where can one go to Introvert Land?
on: May 4, 2012, 2:34pm

Just learned of Susan Cain. I bless her with tears so thankful for a force in this world, this world where you're expected to be on drugs in exclaimation or else something's wrong. I always wonder why everyone must mingle together… can't they do a darn thing on their own? Why does everyone have a partner or friend to hang with at work that is like them & not me have anyone that is like me there to hang with? You know, someone who I can be alone with together, who gets it & has more attention span than a knat, or customers who don't need constant reminders, & someone who APPRECIATES long emails & VALUES my words, not wants to cut them short. What Facebook can I go to where a writer is not expected to get on the phone & have all their time sucked from them, or else made to look like you don't like that long lost friend & this happening over & over again with hundreds of people now coming out of your past demanding from you? What society can I be in where it's normal to ask for someone's email than a phone number & have no disgusted looks exchanged, for knowing the fun world of pictures await, links of websites galore that can enhance one's life to no end, where there's endless resources of life enrichment that the stale world of beer & bars can't deliver. Please, please tell me where I can go to have an introvert world AROUND me & have that way of life be praised & normal! Please, how can I get away from ringing phones, lawn mowers, saws, construction, grandma coughing after every meal, loud people, dogs barking relentlessly, airplane jet blast, doors slamming, & be around people who get it, that's not in some cold dreary place, or with crazy people in the desert? Please, please tell me where I can go to get away… I'm in Southern California where I have no $ to move & woods have grafitti everywhere, waterfalls have beer bottles & trash to inspire, & even going out to eat has kids screaming relentlessly for a way of life. Where can I be where I don't have to yell to have a conversation with someone, or where I don't hear constant birthday singings & loud clapping that hurts my ears to hear someone else? Please help me find that world in a warm paradise where introversion is the norm! Ideas anyone?

Painter of thick impasto fine art original paintings ( & founder of downloadable templates to paint on and learn from at (, I long to be in a world where being introvert is the norm, acceptable, and esteemed, and where the absence of loud obstrusive noises are, where only beauty, inspiration, and yes, connected people are who share the same values of thought, intellect, and yes a day of outside fun, but not where you’re obliterated with everyone else’s noise and demand for attention, robbing you of your own existence.

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Re: Where can one go to Introvert Land?
on: May 8, 2012, 12:53pm

I've asked the same question myself. Had my fill of

"performing" in the world and having to tolerate mass sensory overload. I live in So. Cal also, where everything has to be faster, over-produced, manic, and over-dramatized.Still working on developing an answer.:)

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