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Topic: Concerning it's magnitude
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Concerning it's magnitude
on: Jun 18, 2012, 7:24pm

I wanted to share the thought that just like with the problem of Global Warming where we have overshot our CO2 emission's and now need to almost totally reduce them just to stabilize the total concentration, we'll need a quiet revolution that is more than just stopping the trend. A dominating introvert culture could give the people the time to 'replenish', just like the plants need an extra cut in CO2 to regrow. In such an environment the ones that we're out of comfort-zone before would have the time to refind their strengths. With such an extra strong revolution we might approach a state in which one no longer advocates a precautionary principle for planetary protection but an action-ary principle, which I think would be a good sign to tell something about the point in which a form of balance (and global sanity?) is achieved.

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Re: Concerning it's magnitude
on: Jun 24, 2012, 1:01pm

Would be nice to form a group of Introverts whose power, together, can tackle problems that seem unsolvable.

I own a small construction company in Tulsa, OK. I write poetry and music on the side. Just waiting for the right agent or publisher to come along. I would love to get paid for what I love most. Writing can be enriching, but can also be a burden if taken too seriously. I lost family and friends because of my extreme passion for writing. I may have neglected my responsibility to them and for that I apologize. I do not regret any of the songs or poetry that I was inspired to write. Hopefully, someday, my works can bail me out and all will be forgiven.

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