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Topic: hi
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on: May 5, 2013, 4:05pm


this is my first post here, and i'm sort of out of ideas and places to run in life. to start off i have poor social and communication skills which doesn't help in a world full of extroverts. i've posted on other places like Reddit for help on how to deal with being an introvert and having mdd (major depression disorder) and got some help, but i thought i would look for other places for help. i'll be going to college this fall far from home, and that stresses me out every minute of my current life. to give a little background about me, i was that weird kid all throughout school got picked on by other kids and by some teachers. but i learned to get use to it, i recently found out that i'm dyslexic (sorry in advance if my sentences don't make sense). that helped a little explain why i am the way i am. but other than that growing through school was tough kids were afraid to get to know me just because i liked to stay to myself, but what they didn't know is that i was afraid of them. i have a terrible fear of social interactions, i stutter a lot so i tend not to talk verbally, but through email or text message. i recently came out to my family as being gay which i had a panic attack while telling them. i don't have a job due to me being afraid of turning in applications, i had one interview at the local Apple Store in my town but didn't get the job. Apple is my passion, and one thing that i've seen and heard about being an introvert is we tend to have one topic or thing that we're very passionate about and once you get us on that topic we can't shut up about it, and that's true for me about Apple. i have a therapist that i've seen for many years and yet to this day i haven't told him that my depression keeps on getting worse and that i cry just about everyday. i'm very afraid of what people think of me due to my early life and being made fun of a lot, i tend not to tell people anything till i can't hold it in anymore. i don't have any to talk to about how i really feel inside, but when i tell people what's going on with me i tell them the ends and outs, because i don't want to bother them with my problems. i really don't talk much due to me stuttering a lot and in school some of my teachers know this, but there's one who just gets a kick out of it i think. i just need help with dealing with being an introvert and i think it's best to hear from other introverts on how to deal with life. i'm sorry if this post was long and sort of jumped all over the place, but as you probably can tell i don't talk to anyone that often or if i do it's just hi how is it going or talk to you later. so if you people can give me some tips and some encouraging words that would really help, cause i'm going through a really tough time and not that many people around me know the extent of it. so thanks for listening (reading) and i hope you have a good day.


well i’m not good on describing my except that i’m an introverted teen and have MDD (major depression disorder). i don’t get out much only to go to school or see my boyfriend. i have very poor social and communication skills due to that i stutter so i tend to be quiet. the only time i talk to people is really by text message or email, makes conversations less stressful for me and probably the other person. i’ll be starting college in the fall far from home, so hopefully i’ll do fine and meet at least one or two people while i’m there. besides that i don’t have that many friends maybe like 5 or 6 six that i can talk to face to face on a daily basis. but other than what i just wrote there’s nothing else that i can describe about me.

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Re: hi
on: May 8, 2013, 10:35pm

Hi Joe,

It was a pleasure reading about and getting to begin knowing you. While you might have difficulties in oral communications your written communication skills are spot on. I also want to congratulate your courage in coming out to your family. It shows you are stronger than you think.

What are you planning on taking while at college? When in class do not think about speaking up in class. Rather think of it as a private conversation with your teacher. You know when you have the right answer. If it helps (and it did for me) say the answer to yourself under your breath. That way you can see if there is any flaws to your logic. Also doing it this way you can "practice" and hopefully know where your potential stumbling blocks will be with regard to your stutter.

I hope I've helped. Please let me know how things are going for you. By the way my brother is also named Joe. I'm Ken by the way.

will complete this soon.

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Re: hi
on: May 13, 2013, 2:10pm

How do I create a new forum post? I see how quickly extroverts find partners and introverts remain unmarried…..want your honest opinion

Red Dog
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Re: hi
on: May 13, 2013, 10:58pm

Quote from april on May 13, 2013, 2:10pm

How do I create a new forum post? I see how quickly extroverts find partners and introverts remain unmarried…..want your honest opinion

Click on the subsection area (such as General Conversation) them click on "New Topic" which is found on the right, in red lettering.

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Re: hi
on: Jun 7, 2013, 3:04pm

I hope this is replying to Joe. I myself am an introverted and dyslexic and although I have had my bouts with depression I haven't been treated for it. Finding ones place in life is the hardest thing in the world to do. I have gone though multiple schools, career changes, and friendships that have come and gone.

Find a good friend, someone you can trust, and let them into your life. Don't worry about not having enough friends, just start with one. This friend is NOT a lover. It may take you months if not years for you to finally let them in but those are the friend that last a lifetime. I know the world may seem to begin and end on a daily basses. Don't get depressed because of the day and how you don't seem to fit anywhere. Look long term with your goals and friendships.

My father gave me some advice when I was young. 90% of life is just showing up. Just be present in the places where you want to go. I am an Artist, I hate gallery shows and the people but I have to show up and I usual just talk to one person in the room and everyone else disappears.

Introvert and dyslexic

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